After mayor's 2nd crash, Rahway mandates driving classes for some workers

After mayor’s second crash, Rahway mandates driving classes for a few people

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After mayor’s second crash, Rahway mandates driving classes for a few people

After mayor's 2nd crash, Rahway mandates driving classes for some workers

RAHWAY — The town final week followed a policy that requires employees to take a protective-riding elegance in the event that they get into a crash in a town-owned automobile, a month after Mayor Samson Steinman’s second car twist of fate in seven months triggered him to head on medical leave.

Rahway’s council on April 24 unanimously approved a resolution adding the new coverage to the metropolis’s worker manual, Councilman Bob Bresenhan Jr. Showed.

The coverage calls for an employee to take a shielding driving path on his or her very own time and at his or her personal rate if the employee became riding a town-owned vehicle on the time of a crash, and Rahway police determine the coincidence become preventable, regardless of whether the worker gets a summons.

Employees also can be required to take a using route in the event that they have one or more driving violations in a yr or if they are convicted of using under the affect of drugs or alcohol.

The tips provide the town the right to impose different subject, which includes doing away with the worker’s using privileges or firing them.

“The overriding goal of a Defensive Driving Rule is to reduce the chance of an employee operating a city-owned vehicle being worried in an twist of fate,” the resolution states.

The new coverage, which takes effect immediately, comes as Steinman is returned in Rahway however now not but returned at paintings after his 2d crash in seven months led him to take a leave of absence “to cope with a series of personal issues that began at some point of formative years.”

Business Administrator Cherron Rountree is currently serving as Rahway’s mayor.

Steinman become using a town-owned automobile at the time of each accidents. Asked whether the protective driving decision is associated with the ones crashes, Rountree wrote in an e mail,”This is a policy choice that we assume makes experience for the municipality.”

Steinman plans to difficulty a announcement while he returns to work, Rountree previously stated.

Steinman, 46, turned into charged with careless driving and failing to show off files on March 18, after he hit a parked automobile on Kline Place in Rahway.

He advised police he had hit”a pothole, divot or ice path,” causing him to lose manage of the automobile. He turned into not able to discover his insurance card, in line with a police document of the incident.

Police wrote within the document that they discovered Steinman changed into now not intoxicated on the time of the crash, despite the fact that he made mistakes in parts of alcohol assessments at the scene.

That twist of fate observed another crash with a parked car at approximately five:30 a.M. On Aug. 26 that saw Steinman charged with driving with an expired license. He told police he had swerved to keep away from hitting an animal that ran in the front of the auto while he drove on Central Avenue in Rahway.

Steinman became no longer examined for pills or alcohol after that crash. Rahway’s worker guide stipulates a motive force have to be evaluated if an twist of fate involves a fatality or the issuance of a quotation to a metropolis employee.

Rountree stated in September that Steinman changed into no longer examined due to the fact he had no longer received a summons for hitting the parked vehicle.

Steinman previously has no longer responded to requests for touch upon the crashes.


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