Golf Course Grass Types

Golf Course Grass Types

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What’s Golf Course Grass Types used ?

Golf Course Grass Types

Types of Grass on Golf Courses

In the youth of golf, individuals did not provides a reversal to the kinds of grasses on the courses. The grass was no matter grew naturally within the links’ sandy soil on Scotland’s coast. But today, the type of grass may be a key a part of the sport. Advances in landscaping, course style and turf grass maintenance facilitate confirm the selection of grass on golf courses round the world.

Grass on Fairways

The forms of grasses vary the best on course fairways. Most courses older than twenty five years have ryegrass or Kentucky blue fairways. These square measure low maintenance and sturdy grasses that foot-dragging in several forms of climates, and may face up to plenty of play. However, newer courses inbuilt northern climates when 1980 usually use bent-grass within the fairways as a result of it tolerates low cuttings. Some courses, primarily in southern climates, conjointly use zoysiagrass, which may tolerate high heat and drought.

Grass within the Rough

Grass simply off the fairways on most courses is either Kentucky blue or perennial rye. These square measure hardy grasses that may thrive in most climates, and had best once they grow a trifle longer. Most of the rough on courses usually is the maximum amount as half in. or a lot of longer than the the grass on fairways. Bluegrass and rye grass square measure appropriate for the rough as a result of they are doing well in longer lengths.

Grass on the Greens

The operators of most modern courses like bentgrass or doob on the greens. Bentgrass will well in northern climates, and doob grows well in southern climates. you’ll cut each extraordinarily low while not stressing the plant, and build a swish golf stroke surface. several older courses still have rye grass or genus Poa annua (annual bluegrass) on the greens. These tend to be hardy grasses, however generally produce a bumpier surface.


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