Jackson protective using course

Hold up on Jackson protective using course

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Hold up on Jackson protective using course

Jackson protective using course

If you’ve got gotten a dashing price tag in Jackson and opted to take a course to hold points off your license, you would possibly have noticed you paid however by no means took it. So what is the holdup?

The trainer for the Defensive Driving Course in Jackson left about a year and a 1/2 ago.

Minors can honestly take the class on-line, but adults don’t have that option, which means you might have paid for the course however have not been able to take it.

“We had been debating on whether to agreement it out, and that choice has taken a little bit longer than anticipated,” defined Jeanette Banks, Jackson’s Municipal Court Administrator.

Banks says factors are not sitting to your license in the intervening time.

If you are worried because you shelled out forty five bucks for a class you haven’t taken, no want to worry.

“If we settlement it out we are able to give you money back back of the elegance quantity so you will be able to pay the contractor. And if we keep to do it here, we’ll simply assign you a court date,” said Banks.

Alice Powell’s native land of Port Gibson contracts out for the course, so while her granddaughter got a dashing price tag, they had to travel.

“They most effective supplied it in exceptional cities, and they’re like 60-70 miles from here, so it is tough,” stated Powell. “But it’s going to provide my granddaughter a danger to analyze – she’s mastering from her mistakes.”

Jackson Municipal Court is hoping to make the decision approximately whether or not to agreement out within the following couple of weeks.

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