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Marble Obstacle Course

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Amazing Marble Obstacle Course

Stuntman and artisan woodworker mountain Tardif has spent the last 3 years on a really vital project to building an amazing epic marble machine. Dubbed “Marble Mountain” by its creator, the structure is comprised of twenty five completely different sections that, once all pieced along, forms AN 8-foot-tall obstacle course for marbles.

Implementing Marble Obstacle Course In a video Ben Tardif uploaded to Reddit and YouTube, Tardif reveals that the machine will run three hundred marbles at a time, with a scoop speed of “60 MPM” — Tardif’s fabricated word form for “marbles per minute.” He half-tracked his progress on Instagram below #marblemountainproject, as well.

The different sections mimic real locations, like San Francisco’s painting Lombard Street and strait Bridge or Times Square. different items square measure additional generic, like a track, bowling alley, golf course, and a ski jump. It solely took Redditor HauschkasFoot one hour to form the last word pun: “A marble of engineering.” all told seriousness, this machine is incredibly spectacular.

Ben Tardif Marble Obstacle CourseIn a Reddit comment, Tardif noted it took nearly every week to film each moving piece so as to make the 7-minute long video. So far, it’s paying off. The Reddit submission has over five,000 upvotes in precisely thirteen hours.

This isn’t the primary time Reddit has been captivated by a marble machine. In early March, Swedish musician Martin Molin created one that truly contend music exploitation over three,000 elements and a couple of,000 marbles.

The Lesson of Marble Obstacle Course

To know what he done, Please watch the complete video of Tardif’s sorcerous “Marble Mountain” below:

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